About us

Esoft was created in 2000 to help set real estate agents and property-marketing companies on a new course. Today, we are +700 happy employees across 4 locations.

We are specialized in property presentations, image processing, 3D visualization, and online marketing of properties worldwide.

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+700 employees
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Socially responsible company
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+19 years of experience within the real estate industry
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Employees around the globe

Solutions based on our customers' needs

We are on a mission to make it easier to be a realtor. We will help and change the real estate industry through technology, and we build solutions with our customers’ greatest needs in mind. Our customers are real estate agents and property-marketing companies in Europe, the US, and Australia who rely on us for our fast service, innovative solutions, and the high and consistent quality of the services we deliver. 

All our solutions are flexible and tailored to your needs. No matter what you choose, we will help you showcase and succeed with our world leading real estate platform.

Global responsibility

As a global company, we believe that we can contribute to society by improving the quality of workplaces and engaging with communities all around the world.  

A work environment with equality for all

We are committed to creating a company culture and work environment where everyone is treated equally and with respect. We take our social responsibility seriously. As of January 28th, 2019, 33,4% of our staff from Esoft Vietnam is female, while 11,9% are people with disabilities.

CSR & Values

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