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Here, our founder talks about what spurred him to start Esoft and what drive our employees. 


Words from our founder

The year was 1999. I was a 25-year-old Computer Science student who got an idea. I saw an Olympus digital camera with a built-in panorama function and wondered why it wasn’t being used commercially. I soon found out that it was an old technology and that it only worked with a plug-in installation. At that time, I was already into building a company that sold new constructed villas with 3D visualizations as the differentiating tech-factor leading to more trust and faster decisions.

I was, however, still at the university doing my Bachelor’s in Computer Science. I didn’t have my diploma yet, nor did I have any experience prior to venturing into the role of an IT entrepreneur. But this didn’t stop me. I was convinced that getting out of my comfort zone by not being afraid of trying something new would be life-changing for me and my family–and I was right. These were the early beginnings of Esoft.

I started investigating how panorama pictures could work without the plug-in. With the help from a tech friend at the university, we found a way. Before we even knew it, it was sold to the first real-estate agent, and I started taking photos for the realtor. I tried linking the panorama function with the fisheye lens to capture the entire room in one photo. I soon found out that no one had thought about this until now, and the panorama picture became the beginning of the Esoft journey. The same year, 2000, I founded Esoft. I finished university in 2001.
My idea with Esoft was to make real estate agents stand out by using technology to improve property presentations. At that time, there was a huge demand and a lot of potential.

With Esoft, we were first movers within the industry, meaning that it was necessary for us to create new innovative solutions to stay on top. This I knew, and, in 2002, we launched Esoft System – one of the world’s first online advertising systems. Esoft won the market and became the benchmark within the industry. After this great success, we decided to build a platform with tools and solutions that would make the life of a real estate agent even easier.

Our journey continued. In 2006, we opened an office in Hanoi, Vietnam. Why Vietnam you may ask? Well, opening an office more than 5000 miles from Denmark gave us a huge advantage due to the time difference by cutting down the delivery time by several days. This created the opportunity to add more value to the already rich content produced across Europe. Was this just BPO (business process outsourcing) or motivated by low cost? No – it was and is much more than that. We have proven today that no-other company is capable of competing with us, due to this unique setup, platform and knowledge about the entire value chain of realtors.

In Vietnam, we had to find new ways to be better in every single way. To increase the allegiance of our staff, we started to educate all staff members. Furthermore, we decided to help the local community by hiring people with disabilities. This decision also gave us loyalty in return. Esoft continued to incorporate care into the everyday work life, and, by the year of 2019, disabled people accounted for 12% of the staff in Vietnam.
A wide variety of projects have been developed in Vietnam ever since the opening of the office in 2006. I am very proud of the initiatives in Vietnam, and the CSR program is a true magnet for new talent today, worldwide.

Today, Esoft serves clients on four continents and delivers more than 40,000 pictures per day. We strive to be entrepreneurial in everything we do, and we are still living my original idea rooted in making it easier to market real estate through technology.

With almost 900 employees worldwide, and a revenue of around 25 M$ and counting, we are still growing, and we have so much more to give. We are always full of new ideas, strong values and guarantee the best team.
Right now, we are planning to invest more than 15 M$, over the coming 5 years, and moving heavily into AI as part of our business, both internal and external, in our platform, solutions and services.

Watch out, we´re just getting started…

– Rene

Our values


A unique set of values is important to have efficient and happy employees. Find out how our values are integrated in our everyday worklife below.



Quality at Esoft is about always striving to create quality and great service. 

– Corporate communication, Esoft Vietnam



Openness is our identity, we share anything, both personal and professional.

– Booking, Esoft Sweden



Passion is a part of our DNA – so much that we often don’t leave work.

– Copywriter, Esoft Denmark



One of the values ​​that shines through the most!

– Finance assistant, Esoft Denmark



It’s about building trust with our customers, partners and colleagues to have a long-term relationship.

– IT operations, Esoft Vietnam



Customer service provide great care for our customers!

– Customer service, Esoft Sweden

Founder's beliefs

1. Time is precious: We all live busy lives. Time is our most valuable asset. If you have the power to help people, help them save time in their personal and professional lives. You haven’t only made their day, you’ve made the day of many people.

2. Nobody likes things complicated: Steve Jobs was right. Technology must be easy to use. When you apply the power of the latest technologies and make them super simple (however difficult and complex that may be), you empower people to accomplish amazing things.

3. Nobody likes doing the same thing twice: When you trust somebody to do a job, you trust them to do it properly. When you do your job right, you free the mind of whoever hired you to do the job better. Anything else is counterproductive and time-consuming. Don’t just believe us on this one; trust us to do it right the first time.

4. Winners adapt: Our world is constantly changing. When you’re open to possibilities and prepared to embrace opportunities, you’re halfway to victory. We believe in being curious and driving positive change.

5. Responsibility equals actions: “You can’t escape tomorrow’s responsibility by evading it today”. So said Abraham Lincoln. Leadership, quality, greatness, motivation – it all comes down to taking responsible actions every single day. It’s how we change the world for the better, one step at a time.



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