“I am so amazed at the company culture at Esoft”

Say hello to Mads, our QA expert in Hanoi, Vietnam. Mads is originally from Norway, but he now lives in Vietnam with his wife. 

What’s your role at Esoft?
I am currently a Quality Assurance Expert (QAE) for photography at Esoft Vietnam.


How long have you been working at Esoft?
I started working at Esoft beginning of 2019 so I am still a very “young employee” in that sense.

How did you end up working with Quality Assurance? Did you have any role models, special interest or something?

I have a background from commercial photography (3-years apprenticeship in Norway) and graphic design (BA (Hons) Graphic Design London, UK).
In London, I worked on corporate identity projects and helped designing a custom typeface for Deutsche Bank. In Vietnam, I was involved as an art director/creative director in the publishing industry (Magazines) as well as operating a commercial photography studio with clients such as Ponds Cosmetics, Tetrapand and Toyota.

I always had an interest in photography, and I know a lot about the the customers’ requirements and their expectations to quality.

What do you like the most about your job?

The people. Working together with such great colleagues makes the job fun.

I am amazed at the company culture at Esoft. This is the best culture I have come across throughout my time in Vietnam.

Thomas, Our CEO at Esoft Vietnam, has done a tremendous job to create such an environment. This is not an easy task with more than 600 employees and due to cultural challenges.

What do you find most challenging about your job?
The most challenging aspect is time and given the speed of our operations. What took place 2-3 days ago feel like weeks ago. The rapid pace makes you very aware of how precious time is and how to best optimize your day to stay on top of events.

One last thing, any tips for visiting Hanoi?
Hanoi is famous for their egg coffee – something you have to try if you are going to Hanoi.

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