A unique set of values

At Esoft, we care for each other, our customers and the society. We emphasize the importance of openness, transparency and diversity by creating an environment where everyone is treated equally and with respect. 

Our award-winning CSR policy, values and employee ethics prove that we’re not all talk.


Global responsibility

As a global company with more than 800 employees worldwide, we are committed to taking on responsibility, both for our employees and for society.

Our focus is on Vietnam, where we have our biggest office with more than 600 employees. Here, we collaborate with the local NGO “Will to Live, the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and “Hanoi Association for People with Disabilities” to provide continuous job training and job opportunities for people with disabilities, and as of January 2019, 10,4% of our staff in Vietnam are people with disabilities. Furthermore, we find education very important, and during the last years, we have trained more than 100 sex workers in Photoshop and Illustrator, after which we offered 15 of them a job. Today, 34,2% of our staff in Vietnam are female.

Since 2010, we have also been an active member of the Global Compact Initiative under the United Nations with respect to human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

Our stories

More Than Just Work

A collaborative environment is not only essential to business success, but it’s also key to implementing our core values. 10,4% of our staff are from disadvantaged communities and trained through our CSR program. What we do is more than work, it is our passion.


Adobe did a video series called “More Than Just Work” about Esoft Vietnam.

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Releasing a culture book

As part of our ongoing effort to strengthen our corporate values and culture, we have released a culture book in Vietnamese. The book is based on a series of cartoons that in a fun way captures the essence of our corporate values and the culture that we want to drive in Esoft Vietnam,


All staff have received a copy of the book and it is now a part of the induction to new staff joining our team.

Esoft picks up another CSR award

We are so proud to announce that Esoft Vietnam has won the International CSR Excellence Award for the second time.


This time, we won in the category of “Community Commitment”, highlighting our work with local organizations relating to on-the-job training and employment of people with disabilities but also our efforts to work with local NGOs in Vietnam offering our post-processing services allowing them to improve their visual profile.


Charity trip

After a successful charity event, Esoft Vietnam organized a charity trip for primary and high school pupils from Tan Son in Bac Kan. The school is about 160 km away from Hanoi and includes 180 learners, all representing minority groups in Vietnam.


While visiting the school, Esoft employees helped create concrete roads and steps to walk on, cleaned up the school, painted classrooms, held a show and gave out gifts to the pupils (learning kits, smarts toys and so on).


Our values


1. We never compromise on QUALITY

We know that you are busy and need to know for a certainty that you can rely 100% on our services and trust the support that we provide. We’ve got your back by ensuring that every single delivery, no matter how big or small, meets or exceeds your expectations. Our policy is that we don’t finish our work before you are 100% satisfied.


2. CREDIBILITY helps you succeed

We want to understand your business, needs, challenges, and opportunities better than anyone else. Only by understanding your needs and your business, we can provide you with the tools and solutions that ensure your success.


3. OPENNESS builds great partnerships

We approach the market and our customers with an open mindset. We listen before we speak. We think about your challenges and wishes before we create solutions and services. And we’re open to delivering custom-tailored solutions that perfectly address your individual needs. We perceive you as our partner, collaborator, and co-inventor.


4. INNOVATION strengthens all of us

Innovation is key to the continued success of our employees, our company and, our clients. It’s fun. It keeps us ahead of our game. And it’s good for business. We’re committed to promoting, encouraging, and nurturing innovation at all levels of our organization because we know that the best of ideas can sometimes come from the most unlikely places and the quietest voices.


5. We CARE about each other

Esoft is a growing company and many of us spend more time at work than with our friends and family. We see this as a great responsibility. While we acknowledge that there will inevitably be challenges and frustrations, we’re committed to creating a company culture and work environment where everyone is treated equally and with respect, with equal opportunities for personal and professional growth. We overcome our challenges through dedication, diligence and kindness. When we care about each other, we care for our clients even better.


6. PASSION is what makes us go the extra mile

We are passionate about what we do. It’s the fire within us that makes us want to be no. 1 at all times and tackle every obstacle with a positive outlook. It’s what makes us go the extra mile for our clients, our colleagues, and under any circumstance.

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