Esoft picks up another CSR award

CSR Excellence Award

We are so proud to announce that Esoft Vietnam has won the International CSR Excellence Award for the second time. Last time we won was in 2016. We are looking forward to receiving our new price very soon!

Esoft wins for “Community Commitment” in the local area 

This time, we won in the category of “Community Commitment”, highlighting our work with local organizations relating to on-the-job training and employment of people with disabilities but also our efforts to work with local NGOs in Vietnam offering our post-processing services allowing them to improve their visual profile.

These awards prove that we’re not all talk. We live by our values where one of our most important core values is “Care”. We’re committed to creating a company culture and work environment where everyone is treated equally and with respect, with equal opportunities for personal and professional growth. Besides this, we believe that as a global company, we can contribute to society by improving the quality of workplaces and engaging with communities all around the world.

CSR World Leaders

The International CSR Excellence Awards are presented to companies that have a heart. This means caring companies that use their privileged position to help their colleagues, communities, customers, the environment and the less fortunate.

This image shows the last price Esoft Vietnam won back in 2016.

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