Meet our Swedish photographer, Thorkel!

This is Thorkel, and he is one of our great photographers in Sweden. We have asked Thorkel a few questions.

What’s your role at Esoft?

I am a photographer and work a bit with QA too. I also train new photographers in my district.

How long have you been working at Esoft?

I started as a freelancer in March 2017. From January 2019 I started full time.

How did you end up working with Photography? Did you have any role models, special interest or something?

I have always been working with photography. I got my first camera when I was seven and I have been hooked all since then. When it was time to quit school my photography teacher told me that he hoped I would end up working full time with this and who am I not too follow such a good advice? I started with school photography when I was 21 and I have been working with photography ever since.

Now I am totally hooked on the idea to build my own drones. This isn’t reality yet but I started to build myself a workshop so in a year or two I hope that I have reached that goal too.

And yes, there are certainly a lot of role models in the world, I can’t name anyone but I’m doing my best to be one for myself, my closest friends and whoever my path happens to cross during the days.

What do you like the most about your job?

The meetings. I really love all the meetings. I get a lot of new contacts in all the real estate brokers that I meet every day and the clients often have a lot of interesting stories too. If I meet someone with an interesting story and it is the last case of the day, it sometimes ends up with too much coffee and way too much time on that case.

And yes, I do like the challenge to create nice and selling pictures too. After 16 years as a portrait photographer, it is such a joy to look at the picture on the screen. Have a thought on however I like the picture or not and when I’m happy, push the trigger and find the next picture.

What do you find most challenging about your job?

As much as I like to create good pictures, the biggest challenge is to come to the understanding that I can’t do it any better. It happens sometimes in houses or apartments which haven’t been prepared for photography. I hate to deliver pictures that aren’t “top notch” but sometimes I just have to let it go because there is nothing more I can do if I’m going to make it in time to the next case. But then I am lucky to have the best colleagues and editing experts in Vietnam who can edit every small detail and imperfection in the photos.

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