Meet Sebastiam: “Esoft is a fantastic place to work at”

How did you become an Esofter?  

I got introduced to Esoft by the CIO Michael Sloth, at a community breakfast at Cortex labs. 
I had an interesting conversation with Michael, and we talked about some of the challenges they were facing at the company, at that time. 

Later, I met him again, at the university, and we talked about grabbing a cup of coffee together.
I had, at the same time, signed up for a Tech talent search and wherein Esoft had chosen me to be a part of their team.

I then got a chance to pitch some ideas, whereas after that I was given the chance to be in an internship, as a part of my master’s degree. 

What’s your function in Esoft? 

I am a part of the Design and Innovation team, as part of Esoft’s Tech group. My main project is working on a concept rethinking the traditional way of searching for homes – making it more of an experience for potential buyers.

One of the important parts of it is making it more visual and to make it an inspiring process. Giving people more than just an area but opening it up a bit and challenge their predefined needs and change the parameters that are possible to change.

As a part of the D&I team I also help on other projects and help with different workshops.
The sparring process in the D&I team is great and the possibility of taking ideas to the next level together is a great feeling. 

I especially appreciate the social initiative which is provided by Esoft. For example, during the Friday bars, I’ve been given the possibility to grab a glass of wine and have an unformal conversation with everyone in the company, which only adds more greatness to all the things Esoft represents as a company.    

- Sebastiam

What is your educational background/profile?    

I am currently finishing my master’s degree in engineering, with focus on product development and innovation. As a part of my degree I spent 4 months as an intern at Esoft.

I was afterwards able to write my thesis in collaboration with Esoft as well. My degree is focused on product development and the interaction with innovation in doing so. 

I have previously been part of projects in different areas with a more physical product as a result. It is incredible interesting now to be working on less tactile solutions. 

What part of your job do you like the most?  

Esoft is a fantastic place to work at. There is room to apply your knowledge in practice and work with it in an environment where you are not afraid to make mistakes.

I put a great value into having such a terrific environment to grow in, both personally and professionally. 

In the same manner, the colleagues are great to work with and we have fun together, every day – from small jokes to having fun in productive workshops. 

.  .  .

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