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Easily improve the effect of your
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That’s the power of Esoft’s online
advertising solution.

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Experience the power of Esofts online marketing solution.

Our USPs – Your Benefits

AI Outperformance

By combining artificial intelligence and machine learning with vast amounts of big data, analyzing millions of user profiles and millions of user journeys, your online campaigns with Esoft will instantly outperform any campaign you’ve ever run in the past.

Your Campaign, Your Data

Unlike Google, Facebook and most other advertising platforms, which keep all the data from your campaign to themselves, the data that result from your advertising belongs to you.


Same “Bang” for every Buck

It doesn’t matter if your advertising budget is big or small, you get the maximum effect from every online campaign with Esoft Connect. And your clients will be duly impressed with the results!

100% Automated

Esoft’s online advertising platform is 100% automated. You don’t need to upload any photos or property descriptions. All the relevant information from your listing is automatically uploaded and the ads are created and placed for you. Starting your online and social media campaign is only a few clicks away.

100% Brand safe

Your ads are exclusively placed on reliable and validated websites and social media platforms (white list), never on sites that would compromise your brand.

Kill The Complexity

Esoft’s online advertising solution is so simple to use it’s almost ridiculous. All you need to do is set the duration of your campaign, enter the budget, and choose the type of campaign and you’re good to go on multiple platforms.

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